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Do you want to book a club with us but you're not sure which subject to choose? Do you want to assess interest amongst pupils before booking?

We totally understand that bringing in a new provider to your school can be daunting! By booking a FREE taster assembly with us, you have the opportunity to experience the quality of our sessions at no obligation whatsoever.

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Our Clubs

At Moving Waves we strongly believe that the arts should be part of any child's life. It has been widely proven that creative practice is essential in the development of healthy bodies, minds and lifestyles. we offer a range of club options to suit all needs and interests.

Musical Theatre

Develop a wide range of imperative performing skills; This all-rounder class teaches acting, singing and choreography.

Arts & Crafts

A variety of environmentally conscious projects based on the term’s theme, exploring different artists and techniques. All materials and resources provided by us.


An alternative way to traditional classroom teaching. Children learn basic communication through drama, music, movement and art. Options include Spanish, French, Italian, Greek and more.

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Please note that you still need to register for a new term, even if your child has previously attended our clubs.

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our approach


Our clubs focus on skills development through the arts, such as self-confidence, team work, communication, self-expression, fitness, imagination and more. Through the above, children also develop strong performance skills without having to go through the tough and strict training of traditional performing art schools.


We understand that each school is different in the way they operate and utilise their resources, even with the same curriculum and budget. This is why we have a very flexible approach for any specific requirements. We offer a wide selection of payment options at competitively accessible prices.


We've been delivering after-school clubs at London schools, since 2015. Our years of experience don't only enable us to recruit and train the best facilitators but we also have the systems and resources in place to ensure the most professional, efficient and reliable service possible, in line with your school's safeguarding policies.

Industry professionals with years of experience

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What people say about our classes


‘’Your facilitator is absolutely fantastic in keeping our 2 year olds engaged and joining in. I have been a preschool teacher for over 20 years and can recognise the great work that your team does.''


Nursery manager


''Miss, can we do Moving Waves every day?''


Student, Primary School

''We were very impressed with Louise and how wonderfully she engaged all the children during the assembly.''


Headteacher, Primary School


''Honestly, this was the smoothest process ever. Thank you for such a brilliant service - kids and parents love it.''


Teacher, Primary School


‘’My boys are really enjoying the dance club! Thank you!


Parent. After-school club


''I have to say, I was tempted to join in the yoga class today! The children really enjoy it and have done so much progress since the club started.''


Head teacher, Primary School