Nursery & Primary school classes


At Moving Waves we strongly believe that the arts should be part of any child's life. It has been widely proven that creative practice is essential in the development of healthy bodies, minds and lifestyles.

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Our Focus

Our clubs focus on skills development through the arts, such as self-confidence, team work, communication, self-expression, body fitness, imagination and more. Through the above, children also develop strong performance skills without having to go through the tough and strict training of traditional performing art schools.


We understand that each school is different in the way they operate and utilise their resources, even with the same curriculum and budget. This is why we have a very flexible approach for any specific requirements. We offer a wide selection of payment options at competitively accessible prices.

Our classes are also available online via ZOOM, at a discounted rate.

What CLUBS Are available?

Breakfast / Lunch / After-school / PPA cover

Kids Yoga
Musical Theatre
Arts & Crafts
Physical Threatre
Musical Elements
And more...

tailored themed Day workshops

Children learn in different speeds and in different methods. The arts can play a vital role in helping children of different abilities learn and experiment using alternative education avenues. Our themed workshops are tailored to each school’s request and aim to address specific subjects through the use of creative games. We don’t follow a set plan but instead we carefully design every individual workshop to suit the needs of each group we work with. Our most popular themes include:

Ancient cultures
(i.e. Greece, Egypt and more)
Animal studies
Dealing with stress
Anti-Bullying / Pro-Inclusion
‘’ Thank you so much for today! The workshops were extremely interactive and the children had lots of fun while learning about such an important topic. ‘’
Mrs. Skinner, St. Mary's Primary School
Moving Waves provided us with the smoothest possible process of booking and maintaining a club at our school. Thank you for such a brilliant service - kids and parents love it.
Miss Gavrielides, St. John's Primary School

Teacher & Parent Classes

why can't we share the fun?

Whilst making sure our little ones are making the most out of their time at school, we tend to forget the importance of taking some time out for our own well-being! Our adult classes are super easy to set-up. As with our children classes, we provide all resources needed and we simply arrive at your premises at the agreed time.

Our classes are also available online via ZOOM, at a discounted rate.

yoga & relaxation
dance for fun!
arts & crafts

we work with a wide range of supporters and partners

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