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our focus

At Moving Waves we strongly and passionately believe that the practice of any art form is a powerful and therapeutic tool to every person's development. Creative activities and therapeutic workshops can help participants overcome anxieties, explore different expression avenues and develop trust and self-confidence.

‘’From my part I can definitely say it was a delight to have you with us again. Your staff are amazing professionals, genuinely kind and sweet people. The service users love it and thoroughly enjoy every bit. So, thank YOU.’’
Luiz Lopez, EM Eating Disorders Clinic

who we work with

We provide care homes and community groups with a program of fun activities and specialised workshops, each one carefully planned and tailored to suit the group's abilities and needs. 

We work daily with an array of care homes, hostels, clinics, rehabilitation centres and community groups across London and the city suburbs. Our therapists and facilitators have extensive experience in working with various age groups and conditions such as:

  • Dementia, Old Age
  • Learning Disabilities
  • ‍Eating Disorders
  • Substance Misuse
  • Mental Health
‘’The facilitator was fantastic. She took everyone on a journey. I’ve never seen them smile so much!’’
– Kate Salisbury, Queen Victoria Care Home

What activities Are available?

Breakfast / Lunch / After-school

Live singing
Arts & Crafts
Poetry and Creative Writing
Sports & Exercise
Music Workshop
Themed quizzes
Creative programme
And more...
‘’May I take this opportunity to thank you for everything. Excellent engagement and participation. The service users look forward to your sessions every week’’
- Jarret Edgar, Ronak Home

Therapy sessions

Our team of therapists are passionate and committed to providing high quality sessions that are inclusive, accessible and supportive. The development of vital life skills such as communication and self-expression are central to our approach to creative therapy and each session is tailored to meet the needs of each individual in the group.

  • 60 minutes sessions
  • Available once or twice a week
  • One session can accommodate 1-4 participants
  • Therapists regulated by HCPC and DBS vetted

Special Projects

In addition to our sessions, we often put on seasonal shows and deliver artistic projects for residents at care homes, rehabilitation centres, hostels and hospitals.

Our special projects aim to entertain whilst providing avenues for further communication. They are priced differently to our standard sessions and they have limited availability as they’re run by their creators.

Click here to find out more about what's currently on offer:

"A massive thank you for organising our Dance sessions!!  Tina gave an amazing session!!!!  Everyone said how much they enjoyed it.  Music too was amazing!!!!! One resident did not wish to leave or for it to end!!!!! We are enroute for Tina's next Dance session and of course looking forward to Drama next week!"
- Anne Robson, CK Nursing Centre

we work with a wide range of supporters and partners

"The sessions are fantastic and suit the needs of our residents. We are so grateful to you for being so accommodating to our residents' needs. Our clients will be very happy that you will continue to facilitate the sessions next year. Again, my many thanks for the incredible service that you provide."
- Arti, Chiswick Nursing Centre

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