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1 in 2 women in the UK have been sexually harassed and/or sexually exploited.
1 in 6 men in the UK have been harassed and/or sexually exploited.

Only around 15% of those who experience sexual violence have reported to the police.

The Complicit is a short film inspired by true testimonials collected over the course of a year. All of those testimonials remain anonymous. Most stories have been told face-to-face, whilst some have been sent in through emails, text messages, social media, voice notes and/or via phone calls. In line with our mission to spread awareness about sexual harassment, we will be publishing some of those stories anonymously, under this section.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment in any way or form (no matter how ''insignificant'' or ''a small thing'' it might be!) we'd love to hear from you. You can submit your story anonymously by clicking the button below:

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flaminia graziadei
“I was 16 and he was in his 40s. He was my dad's friend. He placed his fingers between my crotch, underwater and started touching me. I jumped. He smiled at me and said Don't be scared, it's just me.”

W, 31
“Years went by and I never classed it as rape. Until recently. I mean, he did force himself on me and I did say no multiple times but he insisted. I didn't do more to stop him though... I could have screamed, I could have run out the room, I could have knocked on my flatmate's door...But I didn't. So I didn't think of it as rape.”

W, 28
“I think it happens to men more often than people think, it's just unusual for men to speak up about such experiences.... and I was almost unconscious when she started undressing me, I have all these flashbacks of her getting on top of me. She knew my girlfriend.”

M, 28
“He was my landlord and I was paying very cheap rent at a very good location in London. When I agreed to it I hadn't realized he had more expectations from me. I was new to the country and I wasn't sure what my options were as I had signed a 12 months contract. It all started with a peck kiss. Next time he touched my bum. I moved away and that encouraged him to come even closer and push his body on mine. ”

W, 39
“It's strange because in a way I'm grateful to him for making me realize and accept that I'm gay quite early on. But sometimes I do wonder, if my first sexual experience was with a woman, would I still feel the same? And I say my first sexual experience, but, in reality, it was rape. I guess. And I was only 14. I never reported him. ”

M, 22
“And suddenly I was surrounded by a circle of men who started touching me up in all places and two of them were holding my hands down. This happened in a club, around so many people, yet none noticed or tried to help. It was only a few minutes but it felt like an eternity”

W, 46
“I told him I'm allergic to latex but he didn't flinch. I tried to stop him and he kept telling me I should just relax. It felt easier to just let it happen than resist and cause drama. ”

W, 32
“I was auditioning for a short film. It was just me and the director in the room. He asked me to get in character and try to seduce him. I thought, fair enough, he likes to work on improv. But then he came closer to me and said, come on, you can touch me, don't be shy.”

W, 25
“He was our friend and flatmate but we knew he had sexually assaulted a girl at a party. They were both very drunk and he claimed to not remember much. But we could hear him talking to his mum over the phone crying for a few weeks after the incident. He was clearly upset and he did regret it but he insisted that he didn't remember. We weren't sure how to deal with it, he was our friend too. Do we report him, unfriend him and ask him to move out, or do we just not get involved?”

W, 33

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