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Our team is made up of talented actors, musicians, dancers and passionate community artists.

We work collaboratively with our staff to highlight these talents in a way that promotes our mission; to make a difference in people’s lives through the arts.

We function as a production company for new writing and talent. If you are a writer, director or performer with an idea for a production that is in line with our mission and ethos, we'd love to hear from you!


We believe that both film and theatre have the power to address social and political issues, question stereotypes, open discussions and send a message to the world. ​

We produce touring shows, innovative short films and artistic projects that address important socioeconomic issues.
In addition to our productions, we often put on seasonal shows and deliver artistic projects for residents at care homes, rehabilitation centres and education settings.

Our special projects aim to entertain and provide avenues for further exploration. They are priced differently to our standard sessions and they have limited availability as they’re run by their creators.

The Complicit

Short Film
by Paula B. Stanic

After an incident in a bar on a night out, an outspoken young woman’s trip home takes a frighteningly insightful turn.

Four work mates - Amber, Ben, Stefania and Lara are on a night out at a cool local bar to celebrate Ben’s birthday. Everyone’s having a good time until they witness an incident at the next table. A Female Glass Collector and an Obnoxious Guy get into an argument that turns physical. Stefania and Ben are quick to jump in and help. As things escalate Amber looks on strangely nonchalant, while Lara looks terrified. The situation is eventually brought under control by the bar’s Manager. As they try to get back to the fun they were having, Amber makes a throwaway remark about the Glass Collector. It leads to a complex shift between the former friends. Ben in response, reveals a nasty experience that sobers them all except Amber. So staunch is she about her feelings that the others decide to cut the night short. As an agitated Amber walks home alone her night takes a darker turn when she realises she’s being followed. The walk home becomes a terrifying journey that leads Amber to question her beliefs about victims and perpetrators.

This seventeen-minute short film starts as a psychological drama and switches to a thriller that takes in and raises many questions on how we view harassment and abuse.

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Printed Memories

Created by Kitty Finer

Printed memories is an art-based project launched in collaboration with our artist facilitator Kitty Finer. Through this creative process, the residents will get to produce their own designs that will be printed on a customised 140x50cm PVC tablecloth. 

At your own premises – all materials and resources provided by us!

The project consists of three hourly sessions, spread out over the course of three weeks(which can be in the space of up to three months) and in the following structure:
Session 1
- Art session where residents will get to draw their images using different templates and art resources.
Session 2– Follow-up art session where residents will get to polish their designs, sign them and together decide the order in which they’d like to see them printed on the tablecloth.
Session 3*- During this session, the residents will get to see the final tablecloth design, recognise their own drawings and discuss as a group what memories and feelings spring up. The final session will serve as a mini exhibition,where residents can talk about their designs and enjoy sharing their work with staff and visitors.

*Please allow at least two weeks between session 2 and session 3, in order to allow enough time time for tablecloth printing.

Printed Memories is an inclusive art project that is naturally accessible to all levels and abilities. During the sessions all participants will be encouraged to contribute and get creative and will be guided through the process.

Please contact for more information regarding prices and availability.

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