1-2 Hours
Max 20
From £95

Yoga Adventure

Your yoga party adventure will be led by one of our amazing qualified Children's Yoga Teachers and it will be tailored to your choice of theme. Yoga parties are jam-packed with poses, games, activities and storytelling that develop yoga skills, encourage imagination and creativity, whilst promoting fairness, equality and unity. Each party concludes with a short relaxation so you and your guests will finish the session feeling very calm and happy!

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Jungle/ Seaside/ Seasons/ Nature / Playground / Superheroes / Celebrations (i.e. Christmas/Halloween)

Bring Props

Encourage your friends to bring along something from home that reminds them of the theme (i.e. if theme is Winter, woollen hats, ski glasses, polar bear stuffed toy etc).


Relax and enjoy the experience of travelling with your friends, using your imagination through yoga poses and storytelling!

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