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Whether you work in a big corporation, in a smaller team or from home - there is this one thing that we can all relate to: STRESS.

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At Moving Waves we understand how stress can affect the employee's performance. We have put together a program of workshops aiming to develop the necessary skills in order to overcome those challenges.

Each workshop lasts 2 hours and can accommodate up to 15 people. We provide all the resources needed for the session and we travel to your location to deliver the workshop. The workshops can take place before the beginning of the day, during the work day or at the end of all shifts.

Flexibile locations

Concerned that you do not have space or time to accommodate us? Not to worry! We will liaise with you and organize the session to a nearby location for just a small fee of £40 to go towards the hire of the space.

Looking to treat your team to a fun Zumba, Yoga, Art or Drama class on a weekly or ad hoc basis? Look no further! In addition to our tailored workshops, we also offer fun classes with corporate groups, where your team can enjoy a fun activity together. Lots of laughs, stress relief and team bonding guaranteed!

Each class runs for 45 or 60 mins and can accommodate up to 20 participants. This can take place in a designated room at your premises, at the beginning of the day, during the work day or at the end of all shifts. Our teacher will travel to your location and provide all resources needed.
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Our Workshops
Team work and communication
The ability to cooperate and work well as part of a team is crucial in the employee's performance in the workplace. To function successfully and promote the company's values, a good team must be able to communicate effectively and clearly on intellectual and emotional levels. This can be achieved by channelling efforts, talents and resources. It is not coincidence John C Maxwell said that Team Work makes the Dream Work.
At Moving Waves we use drama tools and theatre techniques to help your team develop the necessary skills in order to co-operate and work together towards your organisation's objectives and vision. Through bonding exercises, we explore different communication methods and ensure all members of the team leave the room feeling accepted, valued and rewarded by their colleagues. We guarantee that this workshop will affect your employee's in many aspects of their daily lives which will will have as a result an improved performance in the workplace.
Presentation and Public Speaking
Lights, camera, action! The dream of every actor, the nightmare of every person who doesn't like the spotlight. At Moving Waves we understand that presentation skills are to be built over time and with the right training. Our team of professional actors and coaches are here to teach and equip you with the necessary skills. Throughout the session you will be guided through newly acquired techniques and you will receive personal and constructive feedback. You will learn how to use your voice effectively, how to prepare and structure an interesting presentation, how to control nerves and display a confident body language. In addition you will also learn how to handle difficult questions and how to improvise when things do not go as planned.
Relaxation and Stress Management
Stress is the number one reason that makes employees unhappy and anxious in the workplace. It creates a vicious cycle of anxiety, forgetfulness and emotional thoughts. Experts recommend meditation and relaxation techniques to overcome stress, however without the right guidance, relaxing is not an easy task! Moving Waves are here to teach you how to handle stress and help you reach a state of full body and mind relaxation. A Relaxation session begins with an ice breaker, introduction to the techniques and mindful movement. It incorporates breathing exercises, meditation and guided visualisation.  Our promise is that the participants will leave the room feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and with the knowledge of how to bring more balance when things get stressful and challenging.
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